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# Date Publisher Binding Cover
1 1996-11-00 Warner Books  

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Practising physician F. Paul Wilson chilled us in The Keep and his bestselling medical thriller The Select. Matthew J. Costello is the genius who scripted The 7th Guest, the bestselling CD-Rom interactive drama of all time. Now they combine their imaginations to take us on a speeding virtual reality ride where terrible secrets lie waiting - in a woman's deeply buried memories of a shocking crime.

Samantha Gordon has doctors mystified: There is no known physical cause for her deep coma. Nonetheless. Samantha is dying. Her only hope is her twin sister, Julia, a research scientist who has invented a virtual reality program that will let Julia enter Samantha's mind. The risks? Inescapable madness and sudden death. For once Julia enters the erotic, mysterious landscape of her sister's memories, she must relive them. And in this dark world of macabre revelations a killer is hiding, and the race for her own life will begin...

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