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'Toons for Our Times: A Bloom County Book of Heavy Metal Rump 'N Roll



Humour & Satire


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1 1984-00-00 Little Brown & Co.  

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Here is the second tour of Bloom County by the cartoonist whose mother charitably describes him as "whimsically eccentric."

Being neither particularly young nor emotionally disturbed, we, the publishers, haven't the foggiest notion as to what this stuff is all about. We do know for certain, however, that Mr. Breathed managed to sponge up whatever meager profits we realized from his first best-selling collection, Loose Tails, by uncontrolled expenditures during his last promotional tour. Having failed to recoup our losses from the author, we hereby try again by offering this collection for the consumer's consideration.

We would add that if anyone spots Berke Breathed, identified by the snapshot above (and last reported in Cuzco, Peru, drinking corn beer and snuggling llamas), we ask that you have the man give us a call. Then feel free to mug him.

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