Detailed view for the Book: Best of Trek #18, the

Roc Books, 219 pages


Fandom, What a Concept by Miriam Ruff
A Critical Overview of Star Trek: The Next Generation -- Season One by Roberta G. Carpenter
Robin Curtis -- A Savvy Saavik by M.S. Uram
A Crucible of Stars by Sherry Hopper
A History of Spock's Problem by Tom Lalli
A Star Trek How-to by Kiel Stuart
Humor in Uniform -- Starfleet Issue by E.B. Friar
How Many Sulus? by Mark Golding
The Spock/McCoy Wars Again: Dysfunctional Communications as a Defense Against Overprotectiveness by Marie Greene
Past, Present, and Future Tense: A Speculative Commentary on Captain Jean-Luc Picard and Dr. Beverly Crusher -- Part II by E.A. Lowe
Requiem by Miriam Ruff
Trek Roundtable -- Letters from Our Readers
Techs, Specs, and Pon Farr by Bill Wirth
Star Trek: Three Faces, Same Mirror by A.H. Wokanovics
Why Do I Love the Klingons? by Sue Frank
The Return of Denise Crosby by Michael Scott
More About Star Trek in Austria by Ingrid Schwaller
Payment Is Usually Expensive -- Thoughts on "The Journey to Babel" by Karla Taylor

Back Cover Blurb:

A history of Spock's problem
A Star Trek how-to
Why do I love the Klingons?
Captain Jean-Luc Picard and Dr. Beverly Crusher

From a three-season-long, low-budget TV series in the late '60s, Star Trek has expanded into a world- and culture-spanning phenomenon that includes feature films, animated cartoons, video games, novels, magazines, three other incredibly successful TV series, and huge conventions. And through the years, Walter Irwin, G.B. Love, and their fellow Star Trek fans have watched it all and explored this ever-expanding, endlessly fascinating universe in provocative articles that perfectly capture the true spirit of Star Trek.

The Best of Trek #18 more than lives up to this fine tradition, offering brand-new articles on everything from a one-on-one interview with Robin Curtis about her role as Saavik, to a show-by-show rating of The Next Generation, and a resolution to the long-standing debate about whether Data is merely a Spock clone. No matter what your favorite topics, characters, or episodes, you're certain to find out something new about them in -- The Best of Trek #18

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