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Resurrection, Inc.



Science Fiction


# Date Publisher Binding Cover
1 1988-07-05 Roc  

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Resurrection, Inc. found a profitable way to do it. All it took was a microprocessor brain, a synthetic heart and blood, and, presto, anyone with the price could buy a Servant with no mind of its own and trained to obey any command. But for every Servant created, a living worker was out of a job, and suddenly Resurrection, Inc."s profits became everyone else"s loss. Some took to rioting in the streets, their rampages ruthlessly ended by armored and heavily armed Enforcers, eager for the kill. Some joined the ever growing cult of Neo-Satanism, seeking heaven in the depths of hell. Only one tried to change the world. His name was Danal, he was dead--but he remembered. And he was the last hope for the living...

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