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Bridge Over Time



Time Travel


# Date Publisher Binding Cover
1 1994-03-01 Harlequin Books  

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Harlequin Superromance # 592 THEY"D SWITCHED PLACES! South Carolina, 1994 Kathryn Monroe was dreading her visit to the family"s ancestral mansion. She needed time to sort out her life -- not to get involved with her mother"s silly costume ball. But as she passed the grandfather clock on the landing, she was mysteriously transported to the year 1825. Before long, she was preaching women"s lib, freeing the slaves and falling hopelessly in love with her ancestor"s beau, Ryan James. South Carolina, 1825 Catherine Prescott longed for freedom. Her parents had not only sold her favorite horse, but they were forcing her into a marriage she despised. It wasn"t fair! However, as she passed by the grandfather clock on the landing, she suddenly found herself in a whole new world --- a world with airplanes, race cars...and a man who made her want to forget the past.

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