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1 1990-07-01 Leisure Books  

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Though he was her late husband"s twin brother, John Brodie was far from the perfect gentleman Nick had been. His manners were abominable, his language would make a sailor blush, and his heated glances made sheltered Anna Jourdaine burn with shame. No lady would allow the outrageous liberties Brodie took, but forced to pretend she was married to him to clear Nick"s good name, Anna found herself weakening to her brother-in-law"s seductive appeal. In Brodie"s wildly titillating embrace Anna forgot her proper Victorian upbringing, forgot that she was only acting the part of a blissfully wedded wife. Caught up in deceits and desires beyond her control, she knew only that future happiness depended on learning which brother was an immoral criminal and which merely a....thief of hearts.

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