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To Have and to Hold





Wyckerley Trilogy, The


# Date Publisher Binding Cover
1 1995-09-01 Topaz  

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Sebastian Verlaine, the new Viscount D"Aubrey, was cynical, sophisticated, and too handsome for his own good. He was also bored. Why else would he agree to sit on the bench with two fellow magistrates to judge the petty crimes of his tenants and neighbors? It was all a lark -- until a beautiful prisoner came before him, and he realized he held her fate in his hands. Rachel Wade knew everything about helplessness and sexual degradation. Her husband"s violent death had freed her from that nightmare, but ten years in prison for his murder was only another kind of torture. Now a jaded viscount was offering her freedom -- but at a price. "Housekeeper," he termed her new position at Lynton Hall. "Lord D"Aubrey"s whore," the scandalized villagers called it. A ruthless, unkind bargain. But neither of them guessed how the tables could be turned. How a game that began in base desire could lead to a breathtaking gamble in love.

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