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1 2000-11-01 MIRA  

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The Victim: Chaz Finelli, the celebrity photographer who snaps the juiciest photo of his career - only to be brutally murdered for the secrets his camera could expose.

The Witness: China Brown, a young woman whose luck had run out long before she found herself in the wrong place at the wrong time...long before she was shot in cold blood after witnessing a murder.

The Cop: Ben English, a tough-as-nails cop who's got a bizarre case on his hands - and a star witness who is making this case very personal.

China Brown is alive, but barely. She doesn't want to live. She's lost the only thing that ever mattered: her unborn baby. Drawn to this lovely, fragile woman, Ben English must convince her to help him find a murderer in a scandalous case where the suspects reach into the upper echelons of Dallas society, politics and media. And as a killer closes in, she must place her trust in one man, because her life - and her heart - depend on it.

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