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Remember Me





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1 1999-10-01 MIRA  

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Clay LeGrand"s heart shattered the day his wife, Frankie, disappeared. Had she run away? Been kidnapped? Or had she simply left him for another man? Two years later he"s still asking the same burning questions when he comes home to find Frankie in his bed, as if nothing had ever happened. The shock, outrage and anger in Clay"s eyes say it all -- he doesn"t believe that she can"t remember anything about the past two years. He"s seen the strange tattoo on her neck, the needle marks on her arm. What"s left of their marriage has become an endless loop of unanswered questions and black holes of memory. But the answers are there, waiting in the shadows, as evil as the interloper who has marked Frankie as his own. This time he plans to take Frankie away forever. But to get her, he"s going to have to get past life"s most indomitable force -- Clay LeGrand"s love for his wife.

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