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# Date Publisher Binding Cover
1 1993-07-01 Meteor Publishing Corporation  

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Errand of Mercy

Debbie Randall liked to think of her trip as an errand of mercy. Her best friend's father had broken his leg in a car crash, and Debbie was the only person who could give him the full-time care he needed. But deep down inside, she knew that something else had driven her to leave Oklahoma for sunny California. It was a case of passion, pure and simple.

While Debbie was helping Morgan Brownfield recuperate, she'd have a chance to spend time with his son, Cole. Since the day she'd met him last summer, Debbie couldn't forget the tall, quiet cop with solemn eyes. She'd fallen for him and she wasn't about to let love slip through her fingers just because Cole lived hundreds of miles away.

When Debbie arrived at the Brownfield house, Cole was wary. He'd faced stake-outs and drug busts without fear, but this woman had single-handedly sent him running for cover, She was charming, spirited, and incredibly vulnerable. He'd chosen to lead a solitary life for a reason, and no amount of gentle persuasion was going to weaken his resolve.

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