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Ryder's Wife





Justice Way


# Date Publisher Binding Cover
1 1997-10-01 Silhouette Books  

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Delaney Ruban left a clause in his will requiring his granddaughter Casey to marry within 48 hours or forfeit her inheritance. Beautiful Casey adored her grandfather and had been groomed by him to rule his financial empire. She refused, however, to let him rule her private life as well. With her back to the wall, she foils his last attempt to force his handpicked husband on her; instead, she walks into a roadhouse deep in the Mississippi Delta and announces that she"ll marry the first man who has the guts to stand up to her pack of barracuda relatives. Ryder Justice has his own demons to fight and is running from a past that torments him. But there"s something about the lovely, desperate Casey that makes him step forward. Casey thinks he has the coldest eyes she"s ever seen, but she"s desperate enough to make a deal with him. Fate throws Casey and Ryder together, but the heat of passion and their forced intimacy forges a bond that will make their marriage of convenience last a lifetime.

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