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We Three Dragons: A Trio of Dragon Tales for the Holiday Season



Short Stories


# Date Publisher Binding Cover
1 2005-11-01 Tor Fantasy  

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edited by Bill Fawcett A trio of dragon tales for the holiday season... The Knight, Before Christmas by Jeff Grubb A family celebrates their midwinter holiday with the poetic telling of the tale a bold knight who confronts a dreaded dragon on Christmas Eve. The Christmas Dragon by James M. Ward The holiday chimes of a small town incite the wrath of nearby dragon who adds to his horde by preying on their bounty, only to later discover the true meaning of the holiday season when his horde is coveted by an even darker and rapacious denizen. Wrathclaw"s Wyrmtide, Or, The Secret of Treasure-Unlooked-For by Ed Greenwood A greedy old monster of a dragon reflects on wealth and mortality when confronting a mysterious and magical treasure that seems to reflect his own past. He comes to regret some of his decisions and desires, and in turn discovers a treasure far greater than gold, indeed, the legendary Treasure-Unlooked-For.

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