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Christ Clone Trilogy, The


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1 1998-00-00 SelectiveHouse Publishers  

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The year is 2023, the dawn of the New Age. After nearly six millennia of stagnation, humanity stands on the brink of its last great evolutionary step. But it is a step that has come at tremendous cost. Across Africa, the Middle East, Europe, Asia, and India, one third of the world"s population lays dead. The Pacific Ocean is barren. The forests of North and South America are smoldering wastelands. Central America has been reduced to rubble. Those who have survived face a fundamental choice: follow Christopher Goodman, the Messiah of the New Age and clone of Jesus Christ, or cling to the very worldview and deity which have wrought this destruction on the planet and ensnared humankind in its evolutionary paralysis. Christopher Goodman has brought peace and offers the human race an end to sickness and disease, and the means to attain eternal youth and godlike powers. Yet incredibly there are still those who resist, holding to their retrogressive ways and biases, and threatening the unity which is essential to achieving the planet"s destiny. Their opposition leads to continued bloody tribulation and ultimately to Armageddon, the final battle between good and evil. The Christ Clone Trilogy is one of the most intelligent, best researched, and best executed stories ever conceived. In Acts of God James BeauSeigneur completes his remarkable Trilogy with plot twists and surprises at every turn of the page. Acts of God maintains the Trilogy"s gutsy, hard-driving pace and never lets up. With an incredible knack for making the reader a part of the story, not only will the Trilogy raise your standards of what to expect from a novel, by the time it"s all over, it may change your whole view of the world.

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