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18-Wheel Avenger





Rig Warrior


# Date Publisher Binding Cover
1 1988-08-00 Zebra  

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In New Orleans, Barry Rivers fought the Mob and exposed traitors inside the U.S. government. Then, when a bomb killed the woman he loved, he started life again under a new identity - with a new mission. Now Rivers travels America"s highways in a midnight blue Kenworth with his dog named "Dog," and a whole lot of guns, bullets, and bombs packed into the cab.

An attempted hijacking on a New Mexico highway puts Rivers face to face with an unholy alliance of terrorists - and brings him the able-bodied assistance of a female Air Force Special Ops officer who knows how to fill out a uniform, shift a truck, and shoot to kill. Now Rivers and Lieutenant Meri Cutter are driving a rig loaded with top secret, super explosive transport from one coast of America to the other. They"re just waiting for the terrorists to make their next move - so they can strike back hard...and hit them where they live.