Detailed view for the Book: Did You Say Chicks?! (Anthology)

Those Chicks in Chainmail are baaaack -- and They Are Not Amused!

A brief word from the characters: We seem to have a Failure to Communicate here. Hey, it's ok with us that Chicks in Chainmail was so popular, and reached #3 on the Locus bestseller list, and everybody wanted more, please. But people, you need to take us sword-swinging amazons a little more seriously. After all, you think it's a picnic wearing a cold brass brassiere (let alone finding the right size)? You think it's a piece of cake keeping those chainmail accessories from rusting in the rain? You think it's a walk in the park besieging a city when you've got PMS? Think again, you wimpy noncombatants!

Sure, you're entitiled to a laugh or two. Hey, we like a good joke as much as the next amazon. But hard experience has taught us that swordswomen don't get no respect. So, while you're chuckling, show some respect.

Edited by Esther M. Friesner

Includes these stories:

No Pain, No Gain by Elizabeth Moon
Slue-Foot Sue and the Witch in the Woods by Laura Frankos
A Young Swordswoman's Garden Primer by Sarah Zettel
The Old Fire by Jody Lynn Nye
Like No Business I Know by Mark Bourne
A Bone to Pick by Marina Frants & Keith R.A. DeCandido
The Attack of the Avenging Virgins by Elizabeth Ann Scarborough
Oh, Sweet Goodnight! by Christina Briley & Walter Vance Awsten
A Bitch in Time by Doranna Durgin
Don't You Want to Be Beautiful? by Laura Anne Gilman
A Night with the Girls by Barbara Hambly
A Quiet Knight's Reading by Steven Piziks
Armor Propre by Jan Stirling & S.M. Stirling
A Big Hand for the Little Lady by Esther M. Friesner
Blade Runner by K.D. Wentworth
Keeping Up Appearances by Lawrence Watt-Evans
La Difference by Harry Turtledove
Tales from the Slushpile by Margaret Ball
Yes, We Did Say Chicks! by Adam-Troy Castro"