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Body and Soul



Science Fiction


Alien Nation


# Date Publisher Binding Cover
1 1993-12-01 Pocket  

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Alien Nation was a ground-breaking and thought-provoking televison program that was part science fiction and part hard-hitting police drama-- taking on tough social issues. Despite raves from critics as well as a loyal following, Alien Nation was canceled, but not before additional scripts were created. Now, Pocket Books is proud to present the novelization of one of these never-before-seen scripts. Matthew Sikes and his Tenctonese partner George Francisco try to unearth the truth behind the hysteria generated by the reports of the birth of the first half-human, half-Tenctonese child. Meanwhile, Sikes and his Tencotnese friend Cathy find their relationship heating up and realize they can no longer deny their feelings. They quickly learn just how dangerous human-Tenctonese love can be, and how far it can go...END Based on the teleplay by Diane Frolov and Andrew Schneider.

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