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Science Fiction


# Date Publisher Binding Cover
1 2005-12-05 iUniverse, Inc.  

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With the help of a haunting spirit, prophetic old man, and beautiful priestess-warrior, Joshua Allogenes races to piece together the clues of his divine origin and extraordinary destiny. Until he finally discovers his real nature, the entire human race faces extinction. It is the distant future. Humans are immortal, prosperous, and travel faster than light. Microscopic machines heal wounds, create conveniences, and build entire planets. And every thought of every person is deposited into a vast databank known as the Conscience for the sharing of knowledge and understanding. Life should be perfect. But an ancient and dark entity is gaining power. It is not long before billions of humans are captured and sent to a desolate planet for unimaginable pain and torture. Not even death can offer an escape. Unless the enemy is stopped, the universe will soon become a living, eternal hell. The only weapon powerful enough to destroy the enemy is the Aeon, and it is protected by a mysterious, militant religion. They are waiting for the one man who is destined to lead their rebellion. Until he arrives, the full force of the weapon remains out of reach-and the defeat of the enemy is impossible.

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