Detailed view for the Book: Best of Trek #15, the

207 pages


The Star Trek Novels -- General Overview and Rating by Kari Skouson
Time in Star Trek by Kenneth Reeler
Same Sexism, Different Generation by Tom Lalli
To Seek Out New Life and New Civilizations... by Karen A. Sullivan
You Have the Conn: The Star Trek Video and Computer Games by Dan Skelton
Trek Roundtable -- Letters from Our Readers
Shakespeare, Soliloquies, and Star Trek by Jean Mortensen
Star Trek IV: The Good, the Bad and the Unquenched Thirst by Jeffrey H. Mills
The Q of Gothos by Roy Kachur
The Man at the Helm: Captain Kirk and Hornblower by Mark Alfred
The Final Frontier? by Joyce Tullock
Twelve Like It in the Fleet by David Winfrey
Beyond the Twenty-third Century: What the Future Holds for the Next Generation of Trekkers by Timothy Alan Povhe
Confessions of a Trekaholic by Kiril Kundurazeiff
Star Trek in My Life by Patti Stone
Debunking the Myth: An Alternate Viewpoint by Wayne A. Dick
A Few Comments from Sandy Dollarhide
Unidentified Flying Objects... Identified! by Mark MacGregor
An Open Letter to Gene Roddenberry by Suzanne E. George

Back Cover Blurb:

Time in Star Trek
To seek out new life and new civilizations
The Star Trek video and computer games
The Q of Gothos

For more than two decades, Star Trek has worked its special magic on ever-growing legions of fans the world around, from youngsters just beginning to discover this wondrous creation to those who have been loyal viewers from the very first episode. And this latest collection of both speculative and fact-filled articles offers new insights into the TV series -- both old and new -- all five movies, the novels, comics, games, and the individual characters, revealing and resolving seeming inconsistencies, expanding our knowledge of the entire Trek universe, and reaching out to forecast the new directions Star Trek may take in the years ahead.

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