Detailed view for the Book: Best of Trek #14, the

Signet Books, 220 pages


Reflections on Star Trek: Past, Present, and Future by Gail Schnirch
A Look at Star Trek in Print by Matt G. Leger
A Guide to Star Trek Blueprints by Michael J. Scott
You Can Go Home Again: Some Early Thoughts on Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home by Debbie Gilbert
Star Trek as a Psychological Necessity by Cheryl A. Jann
Intrarelationships by Michelle A. Kusik
The Rise of the Empire: A Chronology of the "Mirror" Universe by Jody A. Morse
Coming to Terms With the Wolf by Katherine D. Wolterink
Star Trek and Secularization: A Critical Analysis by Laurie Huff
The Price of Life -- An Exploration of Sacrifices in Star Trek by Amanda F. Killgore
Star Trek Mysteries Solved By Our Readers With Commentary by Leslie Thompson
Even More Star Trek Mysteries Solved! by Leslie Thompson
Wrathfully Searching for Home: The Star Trek Trilogy by Walter Irwin & G.B. Love
Beyond the Voyage Home by Amanda F. Killgore
Special "Star Trek: The Next Generation" Section
Speculations on The Next Generation by Keith Rowe
Star Trek: The Next Generation -- First Impressions by S. Hamilton-Nelson
Star Trek: The Next Generation -- Review and Commentary by Walter Irwin
Resonances by Neal R. Shapiro
Trek Roundtable -- Letters From Our Readers

Back Cover Blurb:

The rise of the empire
Coming to terms with the wolf
Even more Star Trek mysteries solved!
Wrathfully searching for Home

From an overview of Star Trek through the years to expert reviews of books and collector's blueprints, from an intriguing exploration of the history of the dreaded "mirror" universe to reflections on and speculations about the new TV series, here is the latest collection of fun- and fact-filled articles about the characters, episodes, movies, meanings, and new directions being explored in the ever spreading, interstellar territory of Star Trek.

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