Detailed view for the Book: Best of Trek #13, the

Signet Books, 204 pages


Medical Practice in Star Trek: Cures and Catcalls by Sharron Crowson
Star Trek Fandom in Austria by Karen Embacher
The One Who is Spock by Joyce Tullock
Pon Farr and the Search for Identity by Kyle Holland
A Comprehensive Look at the Klingons: Their History and Their Empire by Adam G. Alsop
Permission to Come Aboard: An Enterprise Crew Roster and Biography by Jonathan Bell
Love and Death in the Star Trek Universe by Janeen DeBoard
More Than You Ever Wanted to Know About Star Trek Books, or What Uhura's First Name Really Is by William Rotsler
Monsters in Star Trek -- A Different Perspective by Miriam Ruff
Dateline: Starfleet by R.L. Bryant
Stalking the Wild Star Trek COLLECTIBLE, or In Search of Lost Treasures by Mark Alfred
Star Trek Episode Titles and Their Meanings by Tom Lalli
Special Section #1: Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home
A Flight of Fancy -- A Voyage Home by Hazel Ann Williams
The Initiation of Spock by T.C. Johns
Star Trek IV: First Impressions by Les Leist
Special Section #2: The Starship Enterprise
The Once and Future Starship by David Gardiner
A History of the Starship Enterprise -- A New Examination by Jeffrey Heine
You Will Not Believe a Starship Can Fly! by Maurice Molyneaux

Back Cover Blurb:

Pon Farr and the search for identity
The initiation of Spock
Stalking the wild Star Trek collectible
The once and future starship

From a complete run-down of the entire crew of the Enterprise, to a journalistic look at the hottest headlines of the future, to a different perspective on Spock and his Vulcan/human heritage, this latest collection reveals whole new dimensions of the Star Trek universe. From the first TV episodes to the latest novels and movies, here are yet more fascinating facts and debates about the characters, the episodes, the pluses and paradoxes -- about everything that makes Star Trek the special experience that it is.

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