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Sailing Bright Eternity



Science Fiction


Galactic Center


# Date Publisher Binding Cover
1 1995-08-00 Bantam Books  

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The Galactic Center saga has been widely acclaimed as one of the most important science fiction sagas of all time, and Gregory Benford has been called the heir apparent to writers like Isaac Asimov and Robert Heinlein. Now he follows his stunning Furious Gulf with the sixth and final novel in the saga: Sailing Bright Eternity. The slaughter has begun. The mechs violent artificial intelligences dedicated to the total destruction of the human race have ravaged humanity"s planets throughout the galaxy, forcing the survivors to flee to the Esty, a strange space time continuum constructed by ancient beings near the galaxy"s True Center. In the Esty, the battered human race makes its final stand against the relentless mechs. It soon becomes hideously clear that young warrior Toby Bishop, his father Killeen, and his grandfather have become special targets that the mechs" terrifying design involves their capture, torture, and extinction. Grand and majestic, Sailing Bright Eternity is a triumphant finale to the Galactic Center cycle, in which Benford explores both the boundaries of the universe and the frontiers of the human heart.

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