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Any Time at All



Science Fiction
Time Travel


# Date Publisher Binding Cover
1 2002-09-00 Clockwork Storybook  

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When Roxanne Bonaventure is eleven years old, a dying woman gives her a gift that changes her life utterly, making her a singular creature, with no analogue or equivalent. From that day forward, no place or time can contain her, no danger can assail her, no mystery can elude her. From the deepest secrets of the past to the furthest flung visions of the future, Roxanne"s life knows no boundaries except those she can imagine. But such power comes at a price: the life she might have led is forever lost to her, twisting away among the infinite threads of the Myriad. Any Time At All is one story and many stories. Each chapter stands alone as its own unique tale, but taken together they form the jigsaw puzzle of a life, from youth to old age, projected against the backdrop of everything that ever was, might have been, and may yet be. Along the way, Roberson explores every method of time travel known: Visser Wormholes and Tipler Cylinders; a mysterious substance called chronium; and the slow and steady path we all take, moving forward one day at a time. And somewhere in the endlessly splitting paths of the Myriad lies the secret of Roxanne"s own life, her future and her past, woven together into an eternal braid.