Detailed view for the Book: Essential Guide to Alien Species, The


Essential Guide to Alien Species, The



Science Fiction
Setting: Star Wars


Star Wars: Miscellaneous


# Date Publisher Binding Cover
1 2001-04-03 Del Rey  

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An astonishing testament to the power of human imagination, the Star Wars epic has become perhaps the most captivating myth of modern times. Now comes the first detailed look at more than 150 of the most fascinating alien species that inhabit this vast galaxy. Who these creatures are, how others see them, how they evolved, where they can be"s all here thoroughly researched, brilliantly illustrated, packed with surprising facts, and featuring an exclusive pronunciation guide to the names of the key Star Wars species. Discover the only alien species that can make the savage Tusken Raiders run for cover Learn why the Hutts think they are gods and why their infants spend the first fifty years in the dark Compare the tracking skills of the Ewok hunters, the legendary Wookiees, and the secretive Shistavanen wolfmen Explore the powerful bond between the amphibious Gungan and the fiercely loyal kaadu From Jawas, Slashrats, and Space Slugs, to Weequay, Dugs, and Gank Killers get the lowdown on the intriguing denizens in the Star Wars universe.