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Statesman, scholar, scientist. Engineer, officer, ambassador. Mother, father...and murderer. Virtually immortal, the symbiotic Trill named Dax an alien creature who must join with a humanoid host to survived has experienced nine very different lives over 357 years of Star Trek history. Part historical epic, part anthology, The Lives of Dax tells the story of each of those incarnations, ranging from the formative days of the Federation to the terror of the war. The first all professional Star Trek ever published, The Lives of Dax features stories from award winning authors such as Steven Barnes, Judith and Garfield Reeves Stevens, L.A. Graf, and many others. Packed with major Star Trek guest stars and surprises, designed to appeal to fans of every version of Gene Roddenberry"s star spanning saga, The Lives of Dax is one the most important and unique events in Star Trek publishing history.

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