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Science Fiction
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Robert Sheckley - Untouched by Human Hands - 7 clong


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1 1954-00-00 Ballantine Books  

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Contents: The Monsters: Sure, they"re ugly, but do they kill their wives? Could a sentient race be capable of...untruth? Cost of Living: To get your kids the best, put them in debt. Your parents did! The Altar: The Altar of Baz Matain? Two blocks, turn left. Shape: Shape shifters should have the advantage on Earthmen. So why do the advance scouts never return? (originally published as "Keep Your Shape") The Impacted Man: A perfectly usable individual blocking reality repairs? The solution is simple! Untouched by Human Hands: In an alien warehouse, how can you tell what"s food? (Originally "One Man"s Poison") The King"s Wishes: A ferra is a genie from where? Hey, bring that back! Warm: Excuse me...where am I? The Demons: How annoying for a good insurance man to be mistaken for a a demon! Specialist: On a planet of wild pushers, no one knows how to push... Seventh Victim: Can a Hunter kill his Victim...when he"s fallen in love? Ritual: Treat the Gods according to the Book...or they"ll be mad! Beside Still Waters: A man and his robot grow old together.

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