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Pilgrimage to Earth



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1 1957-00-00 Lightyear Press  

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Contents: Pilgrimage to Earth : A hayseed from Kazanga IV finds true love among the fleshpots of Old Earth. (originally published in Playboy as "Love, Inc.") All the Things You Are: Diplomacy"s awkward when you make them sneeze. Trap**: Beware of traps marked "TRAP!" The Body: Good boy, Professor! Early Model: Sorcery gets Science"s demon. Disposal Service: Let us help you lose that inconvenient body. Human Man"s Burden: A robot"s a robot, but a good mail order bride is hard to keep! Fear in the Night: Snake dreamsss... Bad Medicine**: Lie back and remember your"re a very sick Martian! Protection: Be safe: Don"t lesnerize! Earth, Air, Fire and Water: The perfect spacesuit? Of course not. Deadhead: A man with no specialist training on Mars can take the next ship back to Earth...if he came on one. The Academy: Seek help before your Psycho rating hits 7. Milk Run: Gregor & Arnold wrangle a ship full of space critters. The Lifeboat Mutiny: Joe the Interstellar Junkman sells G. and A. a Drome lifeboat that"s still fighting the war.

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