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Robert Sheckley - People Trap, The - 7 clong


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1 1968-00-00 Dell  

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Contents: The People Trap: Last of the great land runs of the 21st century. The Victim from Space: Leave your man a beautiful corpse. Shall We Have a Little Talk?: If you can learn a people"s language you can mess with their laws. If. Restricted Area: Cute wildlife, no germs. Looks like...? The Odor of Thought: Fee, fee, fi, fi, fo, fo, fum... The Necessary Thing: Fun with your used Configurator. A G.& A. story. Redfern"s Labyrinth: Borges, its not. Or...? Proof of the Pudding: What would the last man on Earth think about? Making a woman, of course... The Laxian Key: Aw, another Universal Producer! This one only makes, um, Tangreese. A G.& A. story. The Last Weapon: Oh, that"s why they called it the ultimate deterrent! Fishing Season: A good lure need not be too detailed. Fish are dumb. Dreamworld: What if the world were really so...ordinary? Diplomatic Immunity: The ambassador was an alien of great integrity. Ghost V: What you don"t know you"re scared of can hurt you! The best of the Gregor & Arnold stories.

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