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Science Fiction


# Date Publisher Binding Cover
1 1975-00-00 HarperCollins Publishers  

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Following a forced landing on Harmonia in search of spare parts, Tom Mishkin is provided with a SPER robot for his personal protection. Trouble is, the robot was programmed for Darius IV and shipped to the wrong planet in one of those administrative foul ups so common to the best of all possible worlds. Despite a glib line of street wise patter, Mishkin"s robotic companion has no more idea of what"s going on than his reluctant master. Which is a shame as the intrepid pair are assaulted by a succession of dangerous hallucinations in a number of parallel universes. Is this a Kantian universe or is David Hume to blame? Nothing is certain except the infinity of Options in Robert Sheckley"s hilariously unstable cosmos.

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