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Strangers in Paradise (Omnibus)





# Date Publisher Binding Cover
1 2004-01-01 Harlequin  

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Club Cupid by Stephanie Bond
Workaholic Frankie Jensen can"t resist taking work on her vacation. But when her briefcase is stolen, she has no choice but to stay in Key West until she finds it. Sun-kissed Randy Tate, the bartender and owner of a local hangout, offers to help. Only, Randy"s "help" seems to involve a lot of hot, lazy days and steamy tropical nights. Frankie may never find her briefcase . . . she hopes!

Valentine Vixen by Joanne Rock
Francesca Donzinetti just spent a mortifying week being voted off a romantic reality show by the TV audience. She had no idea that Lucky Adams -- the show"s sexy bachelor -- secretly lusted over her. Now he"s offering Francesca her very own reality show at a seaside locale. But this time Lucky will be the only contender. And Francesca will be lucky if she gets away with her heart intact . . .

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