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Science Fiction


# Date Publisher Binding Cover
1 2002-00-00 Orbit, London  

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Welcome to the near future: to the super-state of Europe forty years from now, a Europe embracing everywhere, from the west coast of Ireland to the east coast of Greece. It is a place where technology advances ever onwards, where humanitarian concerns slip ever backwards and where the answers to the big questions remain as elusive as always. Super-State begins with the bizarre wedding of Victor de Bourcey, son of the President of the European Union. With his wife-to-be unable to attend, her place is taken by an unusual understudy: an android. And as the guests toast this strangest of unions, the celebrations are ominously interrupted as a stampede of horses brings the full force of nature to the ultra-modern world. Brian Aldiss" wonderful novel takes us into a land bedevilled by the dual threats of war and global warming, where androids are a nuisance and kept locked in the cupboard, and where a subversive group called the Insanatics" is sending out doleful messages to worry and provoke the population. And as life on Earth stumbles forwards

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