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Male Response, The



Science Fiction


# Date Publisher Binding Cover
1 1963-00-00 Dennis Dobson, London  

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Events move fast in Umbalathorp, the capital city of the new African republic of Goya. When Soames Noyes, a young Englishman of the old school (public, of course) arrives, he finds himself caught in more than one stream of conflicting ideas - and more than one bed of conflicting women . . . . . This is Brian Aldiss" first straight novel for some years. It is as straight as a circular saw and as sharp, and is neither straight-laced nor straight-faced. Under its ironic and fantastic humour lies a keen perception of what gives human sex drives their pep. The answer would seem to be - the male response. Only marginally science fiction, the story tells how the indecisive Soames Noyes (No-Yes) is sent by his company with a computer to the newly free black state of Goya, in Africa, where he becomes entangled with women and witch-doctors. Reluctantly, Noyes faces all challenges (There are more attitudes towards love than there are positions for it

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