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1 1982-00-00  

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Summary (From the publisher):

A stunning novel about a man so obsessed with power that he is driven to a terrorizing, terrifying manipulation of people, news headlines, and world events. And, it's about two women who begin to suspect the deadly game the man known as The Almighty is playing.

Edward Armstead has lived much of his life in the shadow of his famous media loving father. When his father dies, he leaves a will that makes it almost impossible for Edward to keep the things he wants most--control of a powerful newspaper, the center of the Armstead empire. Edward's determination to exceed his father drives him to embark on two obessive quests--to make the New York Record the number one newspaper in America at any cost, and to make his father's young mistress his lover.

In a swiftly-paced story reaching out of Manhattan into the inner circles of power in England, France, Spain, Switzerland and Israel, a growing wave of violence gives the publisher sensational headlines, exclusive to the Record, that turn Armstead into a media legend.

But Victoria Weston, a prize-winning journalist in the The Almighty's employ, begins to suspect that someone is manipulating the front-page news, and she starts to investigate. As she follows clue after clue, she gradually becomes aware of where the dangerous and deadly trail is leading.

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