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Reiver's Bride





Secret Clan, The


# Date Publisher Binding Cover
1 2003-09-00 Warner Books  

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Once, long ago in Scotland, matchmaking members of the Secret Clan wove magical mischief to encourage romance among the mortals they assisted. Sometimes the results weren't quite what they expected...

When reivers swoop down on Lady Anne Ellyson one moonlit night, she discovers their leader is none other than Sir Christopher Chisholm, her favorite cousin's betrothed, long lost and declared dead. Kit's wicked uncle has usurped his inheritance, title, and bride-to-be, but Anne promises to reunite Kit with her kinswoman...even though her heart warns that she'll soon regret it.

After a false murder accusation and a prison ship escape, Kit expects dealing with Anne, his uncle, and an unwanted marriage to be child's play. But Anne is no child and his passion for her distracts him from his enemies. She will risk her reputation and her very life to save him...only to discover that by failing to heed her heart's warning, she could lose forever the man she loves.