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Lord of the Isles





# Date Publisher Binding Cover
1 2005-05-00 Warner Books  

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Lady Cristina Macleod, eldest daughter of a Highland chieftain, is in a dire situation. Her superstitious father insists that she marry before her sisters, and he has forced her into a scheme: to trick Hector "the Ferocious" Maclean into taking her for his wife. Yet Cristina wonders about the true reason she obeys. Is it because of duty to her father? Or her secret attraction to Hector? In matters of war, he is as fearsome as the battle-axe that hardly ever leaves his side. But to women, his face is temptation itself and his charm weaves a powerful spell. Now facing the wrath of her new husband, Cristina refuses to bow to it, fueling his anger, stoking his passion. When an old enemy resurfaces and a new threat emerges, Hector realizes he could very well lose his "wrong bride"...and vows to fight for her with all his warrior heart.