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Dangerous Lady





# Date Publisher Binding Cover
1 1999-02-00 Zebra Books  

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Accompanied by her chaperone, dresser, and pet monkey, Lady Letitia Deverill had arrived in London to take up her new duties as maid of honor to Queen Victoria. Loyalty to her Majesty came above all. So when Letitia unexpectedly inherited an elegant house in Mayfair, inhabited by two eccentric gentlewomen, she vowed she would not let her windfall distract her. She didn't care that everyone else at court ignored her because she was a Tory - or that Viscount Raventhorpe was the most intriguing - and interfering - gentleman she'd ever met. She was too accustomed to her independence to accept unsolicited advice...and from a Whig no less!

But when Letty 's mischievous monkey uncovers the secrets of her inheritance, she has no choice but to turn to Raventhorpe for help. And even as Letty and Raventhorpe scramble to avert a scandal that threatens their growing passion, they must join forces to thwart a sinister plot against their young queen - and save a love that could be called dangerous...