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Highland Fling





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1 1995-02-00 Zebra Books  

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The Scottish Highlands in 1750 endure grievous hardships under the rule of an English king. Beautiful, golden-haired Maggie MacDrumin is determined to help liberate her fellow Scotsmen, but upon arriving in London, she's arrested and brought to court, falsely accused of stealing a man's purse. In a bid to save herself, she impulsively lays claim to a family connection with well-known Edward Carsley, the powerful Earl of Rothwell -- and her family's worst enemy. The handsome Earl is adamantly opposed to the cause of the Jacobites, and when Maggie is turned over to him, he sternly forbids her to continue her journey. Maggie, passionately dedicated to her cause, constantly crosses swords with the powerful Earl. How the two will remain faithful to their kinsmen and still find a way to resolve the growing desire between them is anyone"s guess.