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Short Stories


Star Trek: TOS The Best of Trek (Signet-NAL Books)


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1 1985-00-00 Signet-NAL  

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Signet Books, 207 pages


A Speculation on Star Trek IV by Tom Lalli
Star Trek Fans -- The Blind Spot by Janeen S. DeBoard
Brother, My Soul: Spock, McCoy, and the Man in the Mirror by Joyce Tullock
And the Children Shall Sue by Kiel Stuart
Star Trek in the Classroom by Jeffrey H. Mills
Star Trek in Comic Books -- Another Look by Walter Irwin
All About Chapel by T.A. Morris
Speculation: On Power, Politics, and Personal Integrity by Sharron Crowson
"Approaching Evil" and "Love in Star Trek"-- A Rebuttal by Philip Carpenter
Thoughts on The Search for Spock by Arden Lowe
Mythology and the Bible in Star Trek -- Part II by Sarah Schaper and Mary Hamburger
Trek Roundtable -- Letters from our readers
Out of the Womb by Joyce Tullock
The Three-Foot Pit and Other Stories by Ingrid Cross
In Search of Spock: A Psychoanalytical Inquiry by Harvey R. Greenberg

Back Cover Blurb:

Mythology and the Bible in Star Trek
Star Trek fans -- the blind spot
An update on Star Trek comics
Spock, McCoy, and the man in the mirror

From an in-depth look at how fanzines get started -- and how to write for them -- to an inquiry into what Spock might learn on a psychoanalyst's couch, to a complete new update of all the Star Trek comics ever published, here is a thrilling panorama of the galaxies of Trek. You'll enter the inner worlds of all your favorite characters and explore the endless possibilities of movies, TV, and the phenomenon that is Star Trek in this sometimes controversial and always fascinating new collection of articles from Trek magazine.

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