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Star Trek: TOS The Best of Trek (Signet-NAL Books)


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1 1983-09-01 Signet-NAL  

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New Life, New Creation: Star Trek as Modern Myth by Barbara Devereaux
Star Trek Mysteries Solved -- One More Time! by Leslie Thompson
The Wrath of Khan: In Print and On Screen by Diane Rosenfeldt
Fathers and Sons and the "No-Win Scenario" by Larry Sisson
Spock... Meet Spock by Rowena G. Warner
The Wrath of Khan -- Review and Commentary by Walter Irwin
"He's Dead, Jim": On Spock's Demise by Mark Alfred
Not a Eulogy for Spock by Matt G. Leger
A Star Trek Chronology by Jeffrey W. Mason
Plausibility of the Star Trek Universe and Technology by Rowena G. Warner
Beyond the Final Frontier by Eleanor LaBerge
A Sampling of Trek Roundtable: Letters from our readers
Spock Resurrectus -- Or, Now That They've Killed Him, How Do We Get Him Back? by Pat Mooney
The Alien Question by Joyce Tullock
Space Weeds by Kiel Stuart

Back Cover Blurb:

Beyond the final frontier
Spock resurrectus
The alien question
Space weeds

From a close-up look at the character of Lieutenant Saavik and her relationship to Spock, to an exploration of the dangerous conflict between Kirk and Khan, to a beneath-the-rivets peek at the workings of the Enterprise, here is a star-spanning voyage through the universe of Trek. Whoever your favorite character is, whether you're a movie fan or a TV series addict -- or both -- you'll find articles to grab your interest and excite your imagination in this great new collection from Trek magazine.

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