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Flight of Vengeance





Witch World: The Turning


# Date Publisher Binding Cover
1 1992-12-01 Tor Fantasy  

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In "Exile," the inhabitants of Witch World continue to cope with the aftermath of the catastrophic Turning of the first book. Nolar, a young woman disfigured by a facial birthmark and cast out of her family, is tutored by a brilliant scholar and comes late to her psychic powers. She and Duratan, one of the Witches nearly destroyed during the earlier Turning, search for a healing power and uncover traces of an ancient evil about to be set loose again. The second offering, "Falcon Hope," takes up the tale of Holdlady Una of Seakeep and the mercenary leader, Tarlach the Falconer, who seeks a new start for his people and their avian bond-mates, wandering homeless for many years and threatened with extinction. This addition to the new Witch World series surpasses its acclaimed predecessor; engaging protagonists, vivid writing and thoughtful development offer excellent entertainment.

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