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James Horner -- Who's He? by Eleanor LaBerge
Star Trek Jokes by Valerie Parv
More Star Trek Jokes by Jeff Thorpe
Answer Your Beeper, You Dreamer! by Jacqueline Gilkey
A Linguistic Analysis of Vulcan by Katherine D. Wolterink
Star Trek Lives in German by Charlotte Davis
In Search of Star Trek Fiction by Barbara Devereaux
Star Trek: A Philosophical View by Michael Constantino
Three by Diane Webster
Indiana Skywalker Meets the Son of Star Trek by Kyle Holland
The Truth About Tribbles by J. Matthew Kennedy
Why Spock Ran Amok by Kyle Holland
A Sampling of "Trek Roundtable": Letters from our readers
Biaxial Warp Pods -- The "New" Warp Drive by Philip Davies
Another Look at Captain Kirk's Personality by Deanna Rafferty
Secrets of Star Trek by Richard Mangus
Love in Star Trek -- Part Two by Walter Irwin

Back Cover Blurb:

Answer your beeper, you dreamer!
The truth about tribbles
Why Spock ran amok
Secrets of Star Trek

From how to survive in a world of non-Trekkers, to an analysis of the Vulcan language, to Star Trek jokes that will make you head straight for the transporter room, here is another exciting voyage to the many worlds of Trek. You'll meet your favorite characters, relive treasured moments from stories, TV shows, and movies, and discover what all your fellow Trekkers are saying and thinking about the ever-changing Star Trek scene, as you delve into this space- and time-spanning new collection of articles from Trek magazine.

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