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Mirror of Destiny



Science Fiction


# Date Publisher Binding Cover
1 1995-00-00 Avon  

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The Industrial Monster has descended upon Varslaad, devouring all the arable land in its path. And now, by royal decree, the displaced must turn westward toward the mountains... venturing into the perilous woodland domain of a strange and secret race. Once again, Andre Norton displays her unparalleled imagination and astonishing storytelling abilities to present a unique and unforgettable fantasy that is at once a breathtaking magical adventure, and a cautionary fable for our time. The King"s lottery has determined that young Twilla must marry - for only the wedded can survive the terrible fate awaiting those who penetrate the primeval forest. An orphaned apprentice to a renowned wise woman, Twilla will not proceed unprotected, however. For she carries on her journey a talisman of great astonishing artifact that obscures and illuminates, that alters appearance and perception. But it alone cannot guard Twilla - as she weaves her way from peril to peril in the company of Ylon, a commander"s son tragically blinded by a forgotten sorcery. For the hidden peoples who inhabit the wood are also armed - possessing mystical weapons of the body, mind and spirit that they will freely wield to repel an unwanted human invasion. Now two armies prepare to do battle - and only Twilla can avert the impending bloody hostilities. For only she can rescue the vanquished of an ancient war of magicks. . .and shape the destiny of a disputed land.

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