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Abuud: The One-Eyed God





Sword of Heavens


# Date Publisher Binding Cover
1 2002-08-00 KBS Publishing  

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While the Children of the Ancient Prophecy seek the Diamond of Edona, the Dark One"s forces are mobilizing to preserve his evil grip on the world. Goblins are massed to begin the campaign of destroying those pledged to the heir. In Tagaret, the Contest of Power threatens to prevent the heir from assuming the throne of Alcea. Meanwhile, a death squad, called Sarac"s Ravens, is sent out to destroy Alex, Jenneva, and the heir. Unwittingly helping Sarac, is a prophet for the god Abuud, who feels destined to control the world. The search for the Diamond of Edona suddenly becomes deadlier as the Children are split up by multiple threats. Follow the adventure of the Children of the Ancient Prophecy as the mysterious Master Khatama, the charismatic prophet Azmet, and the unseen Stafa Rakech take part in molding the Ancient Prophecy towards their desired goals.

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