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Star Trek: TOS The Best of Trek (Signet-NAL Books)


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1 1981-12-01 Signet-NAL  

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Signet Books, 215 pages, plus 8 pages of photos

Immortality by Mark Andrew Golding
Friendship -- In the Balance by Joyce Tullock
A Woman Looks at "Jim's Little Black Book" by Beth Carlson
The Beginning of a New Human Adventure by Eleanor LaBerge
A Sampling of Trek Roundtable
The Preservers by Steven Satterfield
Fear, Fun, and the Masque of Death by Joyce Tullock
Star Trek: The Motion Picture -- A Year Later by Deanna Rafferty
The Crew in Star Trek: The Motion Picture by Walter Irwin
Alternate Universes in Star Trek by Rebecca Hoffman
She Walks in Beauty... by G.B. Love
Short Treks
The Villains of Star Trek by Leslie Thompson
Empires, Gods, and Other Interested Parties by Walter Irwin
Requiem for a Hack by Kiel Stuart

Back Cover:

The Crew in Star Trek: The Motion Picture
The Preservers
Empires, gods, and other interested parties
Short treks

From a close-up look at the life, loves, and career of Uhura to the most recent discoveries about the mysterious Preservers to a thought-provoking examination of V'Ger and intriguing new views of the Kirk, Spock, McCoy relationship, here is another delightful excursion into the universe of Trek. You'll travel through time and space, meet amazing aliens, and greet all your favorite characters as you wing your way through the latest collection of fascinating, fun-filled articles from Trek magazine.

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