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Star Trek: TOS The Best of Trek (Signet-NAL Books)


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1 1978-04-01 Signet-NAL  

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Signet Books, 239 pages, plus 8 pages of photos


Star Trek Then and Now by G.B. Love
The Klingons: Their History and Empire by Leslie Thompson
Star Trek Miniatures: The Starship Enterprise by Richard G. Van Treuren
Trek Interview: Walter Koenig
Mr. Spock: A Personal Memoir by Leslie Thompson
The Monsters of Star Trek by Winslow Leach
Star Trek and Me by Fern Lynch and Isobel Real
A Look at Leonard McCoy by Walter Irwin
Chicago Con: $100,000 Fan Ripoff? by Janet Smith-Bozarth
An Evening With Gene Roddenberry, 1974 by James Van Hise
Shortcuts Through Space in Star Trek by Mark Andrew Golding
Trek Interview: James Doohan
The Animated Star Trek: An Analysis by Bill Norton
The Animated Star Trek Index by the Trek staff
A Sampling of Trek Roundtable
The Psychology of Mr. Spock's Popularity by Gloria-Ann Rovelstad
The Star Trek Comic Books by Leslie Thompson and Walter Irwin
The Trek Fan of the Month
Gene Roddenberry: A Short Profile by Adam Eisenberg
An Evening With Gene Roddenberry, 1977 by G.B. Love
A Look at Star Trek Fandom by Janet Smith-Bozarth
An Evening With George Takei by Walter Irwin
The Romulans by Leslie Thompson
Trek Interview: Grace Lee Whitney
Star Trek Time Travels by James Houston (with a rebuttal by Walter Irwin)
A Sampling of Trek Trivia
An Evening With Leonard Nimoy by James Van Hise
Star Trek Miniatures: The Other Space Ships by Richard G. Van Treuren
Star Trek Mysteries -- Solved! by Leslie Thompson
How the Time Warp Drive Works by Mark Andrew Golding
Trek Fan Poll Results by Walter Irwin and G.B. Love

Back Cover:

Explore space, time, and alien empires...

Welcome on this journey into the worlds of TREK -- the infinite realm of imagination. Here you will discover a universe of facts and fantasy about everyone's favorite show -- from interviews with such well-known personalities as Gene Roddenberry and Leonard Nimoy to the early history of the Klingon race; from convention close-ups to a revealing look at how those great special effects were created; from evaluations of the comic books to an index on the animated shows; from TREK trivia to time paradoxes. It's all here in the most amazing, galaxy-spanning collection ever!

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