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Sioux Spaceman, The



Science Fiction


# Date Publisher Binding Cover
1 1984-00-00 Ace Books  

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When the Terran Confederation finally made the great leap into interstellar space they discovered that they were not the first. They found that the vast Styor Empire enslaved two-thirds of the star systems of the known galaxy, and their inhabitants. The Styor, in spite of their vast numerical and technological superiority, found that it was never worth the effort and losses to try to enslave the upstart Terrans. Yet, they could not ignore the Earthmen either, for they were popping up everywhere. So the Styor allowed the newcomers to operate as traders- an occupation unfit for imperial bureaucrats and warriors. The Earthmen accepted this status, for it allowed them to travel to the enslaved worlds where the Patrol could not yet venture. They kept their eyes open and noted the growing cracks in the decadent Empire. Here and there they could do what they could to widen those cracks.

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