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Nimoy's The Search for Spock: Unrepentant by Kyle Holland
Beneath the Surface: The Surrealistic Star Trek by James H. Devon
Some Thoughts by C.J. Nicastro
Star Trek III: The Search for Spock -- Review and Commentary by Walter Irwin and G.B. Love
Kirk and Duty by William Trigg and Dawson "Hank" Hawes
A Discussion on Star Trek III: The Search for Spock by Rita D. Clay
The Black and White Cookie Episode by Kiel Stuart
Star Trek Mysteries Solved... Again! by Leslie Thompson
The Trek "Fan on the Street" Poll
Whither Star Trek? On Possibilities Past and Future by Barbara Devereaux
A Letter From Peggy Greenstreet
Mythology and the Bible in Star Trek -- Part I by Mary Hamburger and Sarah Schaper
Trek Roundtable: Letters from our readers
Star Trek III: A Return to the Big Story by Joyce Tullock

Back Cover Blurb:

Nimoy's "The Search for Spock": unrepentant
The black and white cookie episode
The Trek "fan on the street" poll
Star Trek mysteries solved -- and resolved!

From an investigation into the future of the "new" Spock and the "renegade" crew of the Enterprise, to a look at James T. Kirk from his cadet days to his desk days as admiral; from confrontations with ancient gods to clashes with Klingons and Romulans, here is your brand-new passport to the worlds of Trek. From the first TV episode to Star Trek III and beyond, you'll find the latest speculation and information about the magic and meaning of Star Trek in this all new collection from Trek magazine.

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