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Jack Vance - Eight Fantasms and Magics (Collection) - 8 clong


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1 1969-00-00 MacMillan Publishing Company  

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Eight phantasmagorical flights into the regions of the paranormal, where possibility - and probabiility - exceed the reaches of our wildest dreams.

1 - 'The Miracle Workers' Demonologist at play in a medieval superfuture;
2 - 'When the Five Moons Rise' a lonely lighthouse keeper terrorized by hellish visions in psychedelic outer space;
3 - "Telek' A telekinetic aristocracy of mind and will, beyond earthly law but vulnerable to human retribution;
4 - 'Noise' An earthling explorer in an eerie outer-world, seduced by - and abandoned to - silence;
5 - 'The New Prime' A galactic ruler, chosen in a grueling telepathic contest;
6 - "Cil" Devastation unleashed by a roguish vagabond in the twenty-millionth century;
7 - 'Guyal of Sfere' A space age Gawain undone by his insatiable thrist for knowledge.
8 - 'The Men Return' The last rational man in a remote wasteland, a meaningless noncausal world where sanity has no sanctuary and mad mutant cannibals reign supreme.

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