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Time of Troubles II (Omnibus Volume)





Videssos: Time of Troubles, the


# Date Publisher Binding Cover
1 2005-09-06 Baen  

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originally published as The Thousand Cities and Videssos Besieged.

Abrivard, marshal of Makuran, has been given an impossible task by his King: destroy the mighty Empire of Videssos. Even as he pondered how to obey, Videssos"s legions are on the march, attacking Makuran first. Abrivard finds himself fighting a defensive war, putting his great battle skills to the task of driving the invaders from his home, the land of the Thousand Cities. But even as he struck back at the invader, he realized that force of arms alone would not carry the day, for Videssos"s powerful sorcerers were the stuff of legend, and a strong sword are could not stand against a potent battle spell which could strike the mightiest warrior dead from miles away . . .

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