Detailed view for the Book: In the Presence of Mine Enemies


In the Presence of Mine Enemies



Alternate History
Science Fiction


# Date Publisher Binding Cover
1 2003-11-04 New American Library  

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Heinrich Gimpel is a respected bureaucrat in Berlin. His wife is a common Hausfrau, raising his three precious daughters the same way he was raised - to be loyal, unquestioning citizens of the Third Reich, obedient to the will of the Führer.
But Heinrich Gimpel has a secret. He is not, in fact, a member of the Master Race. He has been living a lie to protect his true identity as Jew – and he’s not alone. Throughout Berlin, Jews survive in secrecy, maintaining the façade of perfect Aryans, and praying they will not be discovered.

But a change is coming. And soon they will be forced to choose between safety and freedom….

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