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Counting Up, Counting Down (Collection)



Science Fiction
Short Stories


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1 2005-03-01 Del Rey  

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In narratives ranging from fantastic to oddly familiar to eerily prescient, this compelling volume illustrates Turtledove's literary skill and unbridled imagination.
Forty, Counting Down: With the help of his time-travel software, computer genius Justin Kloster returns to the past to stop himself from making a terrible mistake - but all actions have their consequences.

The Maltese Elephant: A legendary detective finds himself in grave danger when a noir masterpiece takes a stunning new twist.

Goddess for a Day: Taking a page from history, a young girl dares to challenge the gods - and is richly rewarded for her efforts.

Deconstruction Gang: Mired in unemployment and despair, an academic finds happiness and intellectual fulfillment in a most unexpected place.

Twenty-one, Counting Up: Justin Kloster's college life and romantic dreams are rudely interrupted - and irreversibly disrupted - when forty-year-old Justin arrives from the future to save him from himself.

Plus twelve more thrilling, unforgettable tales of wonder!


•Forty, Counting Down
•Must and Shall
•Ready for the Fatherland
•The Phantom Tolbukhin
•Deconstruction Gang
•The Green Buffalo
•The Maltese Elephant
•Ils ne posseront pas
•In This Season
•Myth Manners' Guide to Greek Missology #1: Andromeda and Perseus
•Goddess for a Day
•After the Last Elf Is Dead
•The Decoy Duck
•The Seventh Chapter
•Twenty-one, Counting Up

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